Case Filed

I filed a RTB case against my former land lord for not using the property as he said he would. Im entitled to some compensation for him being an asshole. When I gave my statement to the RTB I edited out the part about why my ex landlord hates me. unfortunately it also the funniest part. In fact the incident was the funniest thing I ever had the horror of watching.

This is what happened

I believe Fred’s anger towards

        Me comes  from an incident that  occurred in the summer of 2021. On that occasion it was later on in the evening when I noticed that Glenn Kurack had parked his car beside Freds 5th wheel. It was as if he parked it that way so from  my place, you couldn't see his car. I felt that strange and it perked my interest for sure. So I put my ladder up against the fence.

        Then climbed over like i had done so many times before. I snuck up to Freds 5th wheel and was able to peek in the window and what I saw was Glenn Kurack performing oral sex on Mr. Weiland. I gasped and I guess I made some noise, because Mr. Wieland's eyes went straight to where I was looking and I knew that he had seen me, so I got back to my own side of the fence. Mr. Kurack still stayed until morning. From that day forward Mr. Wieland hated me. Not just dislike, pure hate, but i wouldn't have it any other way.

My names blurry face and I care what you think LOL

21 Pilots thanks YOUTUBE

Now this guy has staying power.

This is a cover of Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean by Amy Shurlock and wowzers does this girl ever have lungs. Proof that humans are continuing to evolve all the time.
Amy Shurlock

Smooth Criminal Live Munich Germany 1997. Now this was when he was so on top of his game it was scary. Smooth is how it has been going for me and the dogs. Now a Cat, well a kitten actually decided to join our gang. Of course she’s black but that’s okay because were not racist around here. Being nonjudgmental is a strong trait to have inside you. It sure allows you avoid a lot of potential problems by just not caring what other people do.
Smooth Criminal

I’m Back in Black

After my Lawyer told me to quit writing my life story on the internet I did. She told me not to give away what people would pay for. That’s why I have been keeping a daily record of my thoughts and actions to be published at a l8er date. I’m not holding my breath or anything, however I did receive an advance payment, so that’s always a good sign.

Wowzers what a crazy world we are living in now. So much closer to the edge than ever before. Nuclear bombs that no one thought would ever be used are being prepared for launch. The planet had been tossed off it’s usual axis because of the weight of the water held behind the three gorges dam in China. I’m not sure those people thought it out when building such a huge dam and holding back enough water to change our path around the sun. What were they thinking?

Since I have enough material save I can now look ahead and get back to my court cases. Its Baby one more time, Britney Spears ONE MORE


Thanks Youtube

Humans are a Scam

Do you like being the voice inside your head trying to find a reason for an ever changing world that is going straight to hell. Everything is a scam , It’s ponzie scheme and nobody knows. The entire human race is a scam. That’s my latest realization. A pyramid of lies is how we survive and despite all my rage, I’m still a rat in a cage.

I’m sure now that it’s a scam. It’s a strange realization to figure that out. It comes with the knowledge that the humans will not survive. That’s not such a bad thing as humans are very destructive.

Chlorine from youtube

Its not like we were gonna make much further anyway, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the hole thing is a scam. Makes me glad that I’m this old because at least I got 59 loops around the sun before the hole thing just blows up in our faces. In 2030 just 8 1/2 years from now this hole being human thing is going to be seriously tested.

How long before this house of cards crumbles and the extinction begins? If I was to bet, I’m taking the under. lol

June 1st 1997/2021

Twenty-Four years ago June 1st 1997 I quit allowing Nicotine to control my behaviour. I have managed to keep my body clear of Nicotine for the twenty-fourth trip around the sun. I think this year I will arrange a cake to celebrate the occasion. In reflection on that day, It was the single most important stand that I made in my life. For my health at this point is because I had the courage to accept the challenge that Nicotine presented to me. I still smoke I just don’t allow Nicotine to enter my body. Without Nicotine, cigarettes have no hook, and without a hook there are no cigarettes in my basket.

That day and for the next 30 to 40 days I smoked really shitty cigarettes that did not contain Nicotine. Actually from June 1st 1997 until Today is 8760 days that this method had worked for me. It’s the single most important choice I ever made in my life, affecting every single event that followed. I was able, in time to blend in with the non-smokers. After thirty to forty days my body cleansed it’s self of the stored up Nicotine in my body.

I know that if a person can tolerate smoking the worst kind of cigarettes on the planet for a month, that person will quit quitting and start succeeding. I know this simple one month challenge will remove the Nicotine from your body, and without the hook, cigarettes seem pointless. That’s the very simple truth is, If you can remove the hook you can quit smoking. Video below from Youtube

What Happens When You QUIT?

ALL the Small Things!

All the small things ……Last night I looked up in a clear night sky and clearly saw a huge triangle shape in the sky. Only for a few seconds a it was gone. What a humbling experience. I felt so small, like no matter what I am, my world is so small and insignificant just like the bug I just killed.

To those who were controlling the triangle OMG wow. My thought now is how would I not only convince them that were not all the same. How to take interest in me just enough to be noticed. Then allow them to make their interest a positive one. Not the “Kill it it’s gross” kind of way a housewife treats a spider. Or the pin through the spine kind of way a collector of butterfly’s adds to his every growing colection.

I know how to call to them, but I feel it’s important to have a good reason to make the call. It’s “first contact” and it would be epic. If they are like us, it won’t end well for us. We destroy everything we set our sights on, so why wouldn’t they? I doubt they are impressed by what were doing to the place. I like to think that they have the gift of foresight like some of us here have. Maybe just MAY BE, if they do. If they do they can see the future of this planet without us. Because that’s where this path leads to, a earth without us.

All the small things because we are small things. In the real big picture were just like a bug on the windshield. Seeing that reminded me of that. Being humbled like that is important because knowing I’m small means I can only do small things. If I could get them to notice me, well that would be big maybe even epic. LOL