I Hate November it SUCKS!

For real, I hate November and not just this year, every year. Would say that 90% of the bad things in my life happen in just one month, November. How could most of the bad stuff occur in just 30 days?

This curse started when my parents married in November 1961 and I was there, in my mothers belly, and because I was the reason they were getting married. I remember it well because the stress on my developing body was so intense it caused damage to my developing brain.

Since then, the curse of November was real and I might add, very effective in causing great stress in my life. Knowing this I have taken extra caution through the month yet it always finds a way to hurt me. This year is no different as my roommate David Thomson had a heart attack in his room caused by stomach cancer November 10th. He’s still in the hospital. One year my sister got married in November and she’s just about the most hurtful person this earth has ever wasted space for.

So when November ends I can relax a bit as the hardest month of the year has passed allowing the next 11 to be full of everything good this life has to offer. Even sitting here thinking back, every single year this November curse has bit me in the ass. If I’m careful with my actions, November will get me with my reactions to something happening to someone close to me.

I hope that for this year, November is done with me, but I have a feeling its not. So I will be extra cautious and hope you all will too because Nothing is as cold as November Rain. I added November Rain by GNR courtesy of Youtube.com below, enjoy. glenn