Road Trip in a Pandemic

Sweet is my only thought as I unwind after returning from the city from a supply run. The morning went like clockwork. Showed up to try and talk to the crown council @ 9, no good she is working remotely. I check in with the courthouse @9:08 and head to the car to wait. 9:40 I arrive back at the courthouse and because I was ready to go, was the next case called. Set the trial for Feb. 19 @ 9:30 and I requested the criminal record of the crowns witness.

The afternoon was a lot crazier as I almost ran over a psychopath that didn’t seem to like it very much. He was going to go all crazy and kill me, but I’m not very tolerant of those I believe to be human trash like this greaseball. Good thing for both of us a third party was able ease back the tension because it was intense.

You know the old saying Don’t take a knife to a gun fight? I was thinking what if I brought a car to a gun fight? I watched this guy go from just being in the way, to pulling shit out that shouldn’t e pulled out unless your going to use it kind of logic to walking down the road like nothing happened. I was thinking that there is no way I could miss him from here. Seventy to Eighty kph could rip him in half leaving only his feet in his boots in the middle of the road.

Good thing I don’t like humans or I would have removed the parasite right then and there. This is why the humans are so messed up, too many retards are allowed to walk the earth. Then the drive home way perfect because I think one apricates it more after a deranged asshole try’s to kill you. I really do hate the humans OMG. If he jumped off the bridge he would sink like a stone. From Youtube video below.