Today I’m a Free Agent

What kind of person would be your friend and lover one day and totally hate you the next? One little thing goes wrong and they do a complete 180 and now I’m the bad guy? The truth is, I’m not the bad guy here, never was.

This girl is in fact a petty person and sooner or later there was going to be something that she didn’t like, there had to be, because that’s her game. All talk but no walk. You know the type, they talk the good talk, yet always fail to deliver.

This kind of girl is trouble because she has turned her eyes away from what matters and focused on what doesn’t matter. The result is the rest of us are immobilized by their obsession with the insignificant.

This girls pettiness has made her dangerous because she appears to be only a nuisance instead of what she really is, a health hazard. My health was affected for sure because in only a couple days I feel more energized and appreciate being alive way more. I know I’m very lucky to be where I am, thank you Jesus.

This is the kinda video that might show a little of what I’m saying, I love it! And I really do love it! thanks Youtube