It’s no Stonehenge!

Went to a small gathering last night (3 people) and what a blast. Several days before, I had played What’s the Meaning of STONEHENGE by YELVIS for them. The video came with a story of how when searching for STONEHENGE on youtube there was this band YELVIS in the search results.

I thought it strange that this band from Norway would be included in search results for STONEHENGE in England. Of course, I clicked on it and was pleasantly surprised by the video, well done and the words were all about the greatest henge of all STONEHENGE.

So last evening one girl put on a song of her choosing and commented that she really liked it. When it was about half over, the other girl looked at me and said “It’s no STONEHENGE” and we all burst out laughing. Of course its the greatest henge of all because it’s the only one.

With STONEHENGE on my mind all morning how could I not share both the video and my observations on how and why it came to be one of my favorite videos. First and last on Youtube STONEHENGE.