Humans are a Scam

Do you like being the voice inside your head trying to find a reason for an ever changing world that is going straight to hell. Everything is a scam , It’s ponzie scheme and nobody knows. The entire human race is a scam. That’s my latest realization. A pyramid of lies is how we survive and despite all my rage, I’m still a rat in a cage.

I’m sure now that it’s a scam. It’s a strange realization to figure that out. It comes with the knowledge that the humans will not survive. That’s not such a bad thing as humans are very destructive.

Chlorine from youtube

Its not like we were gonna make much further anyway, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the hole thing is a scam. Makes me glad that I’m this old because at least I got 59 loops around the sun before the hole thing just blows up in our faces. In 2030 just 8 1/2 years from now this hole being human thing is going to be seriously tested.

How long before this house of cards crumbles and the extinction begins? If I was to bet, I’m taking the under. lol

June 1st 1997/2021

Twenty-Four years ago June 1st 1997 I quit allowing Nicotine to control my behaviour. I have managed to keep my body clear of Nicotine for the twenty-fourth trip around the sun. I think this year I will arrange a cake to celebrate the occasion. In reflection on that day, It was the single most important stand that I made in my life. For my health at this point is because I had the courage to accept the challenge that Nicotine presented to me. I still smoke I just don’t allow Nicotine to enter my body. Without Nicotine, cigarettes have no hook, and without a hook there are no cigarettes in my basket.

That day and for the next 30 to 40 days I smoked really shitty cigarettes that did not contain Nicotine. Actually from June 1st 1997 until Today is 8760 days that this method had worked for me. It’s the single most important choice I ever made in my life, affecting every single event that followed. I was able, in time to blend in with the non-smokers. After thirty to forty days my body cleansed it’s self of the stored up Nicotine in my body.

I know that if a person can tolerate smoking the worst kind of cigarettes on the planet for a month, that person will quit quitting and start succeeding. I know this simple one month challenge will remove the Nicotine from your body, and without the hook, cigarettes seem pointless. That’s the very simple truth is, If you can remove the hook you can quit smoking. Video below from Youtube

What Happens When You QUIT?