Case Filed

I filed a RTB case against my former land lord for not using the property as he said he would. Im entitled to some compensation for him being an asshole. When I gave my statement to the RTB I edited out the part about why my ex landlord hates me. unfortunately it also the funniest part. In fact the incident was the funniest thing I ever had the horror of watching.

This is what happened

I believe Fred’s anger towards

        Me comes  from an incident that  occurred in the summer of 2021. On that occasion it was later on in the evening when I noticed that Glenn Kurack had parked his car beside Freds 5th wheel. It was as if he parked it that way so from  my place, you couldn't see his car. I felt that strange and it perked my interest for sure. So I put my ladder up against the fence.

        Then climbed over like i had done so many times before. I snuck up to Freds 5th wheel and was able to peek in the window and what I saw was Glenn Kurack performing oral sex on Mr. Weiland. I gasped and I guess I made some noise, because Mr. Wieland's eyes went straight to where I was looking and I knew that he had seen me, so I got back to my own side of the fence. Mr. Kurack still stayed until morning. From that day forward Mr. Wieland hated me. Not just dislike, pure hate, but i wouldn't have it any other way.

My names blurry face and I care what you think LOL

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