ALL the Small Things!

All the small things ……Last night I looked up in a clear night sky and clearly saw a huge triangle shape in the sky. Only for a few seconds a it was gone. What a humbling experience. I felt so small, like no matter what I am, my world is so small and insignificant just like the bug I just killed.

To those who were controlling the triangle OMG wow. My thought now is how would I not only convince them that were not all the same. How to take interest in me just enough to be noticed. Then allow them to make their interest a positive one. Not the “Kill it it’s gross” kind of way a housewife treats a spider. Or the pin through the spine kind of way a collector of butterfly’s adds to his every growing colection.

I know how to call to them, but I feel it’s important to have a good reason to make the call. It’s “first contact” and it would be epic. If they are like us, it won’t end well for us. We destroy everything we set our sights on, so why wouldn’t they? I doubt they are impressed by what were doing to the place. I like to think that they have the gift of foresight like some of us here have. Maybe just MAY BE, if they do. If they do they can see the future of this planet without us. Because that’s where this path leads to, a earth without us.

All the small things because we are small things. In the real big picture were just like a bug on the windshield. Seeing that reminded me of that. Being humbled like that is important because knowing I’m small means I can only do small things. If I could get them to notice me, well that would be big maybe even epic. LOL

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