Humans are a Scam

Do you like being the voice inside your head trying to find a reason for an ever changing world that is going straight to hell. Everything is a scam , It’s ponzie scheme and nobody knows. The entire human race is a scam. That’s my latest realization. A pyramid of lies is how we survive and despite all my rage, I’m still a rat in a cage.

I’m sure now that it’s a scam. It’s a strange realization to figure that out. It comes with the knowledge that the humans will not survive. That’s not such a bad thing as humans are very destructive.

Chlorine from youtube

Its not like we were gonna make much further anyway, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the hole thing is a scam. Makes me glad that I’m this old because at least I got 59 loops around the sun before the hole thing just blows up in our faces. In 2030 just 8 1/2 years from now this hole being human thing is going to be seriously tested.

How long before this house of cards crumbles and the extinction begins? If I was to bet, I’m taking the under. lol

June 1st 1997/2021

Twenty-Four years ago June 1st 1997 I quit allowing Nicotine to control my behaviour. I have managed to keep my body clear of Nicotine for the twenty-fourth trip around the sun. I think this year I will arrange a cake to celebrate the occasion. In reflection on that day, It was the single most important stand that I made in my life. For my health at this point is because I had the courage to accept the challenge that Nicotine presented to me. I still smoke I just don’t allow Nicotine to enter my body. Without Nicotine, cigarettes have no hook, and without a hook there are no cigarettes in my basket.

That day and for the next 30 to 40 days I smoked really shitty cigarettes that did not contain Nicotine. Actually from June 1st 1997 until Today is 8760 days that this method had worked for me. It’s the single most important choice I ever made in my life, affecting every single event that followed. I was able, in time to blend in with the non-smokers. After thirty to forty days my body cleansed it’s self of the stored up Nicotine in my body.

I know that if a person can tolerate smoking the worst kind of cigarettes on the planet for a month, that person will quit quitting and start succeeding. I know this simple one month challenge will remove the Nicotine from your body, and without the hook, cigarettes seem pointless. That’s the very simple truth is, If you can remove the hook you can quit smoking. Video below from Youtube

What Happens When You QUIT?

ALL the Small Things!

All the small things ……Last night I looked up in a clear night sky and clearly saw a huge triangle shape in the sky. Only for a few seconds a it was gone. What a humbling experience. I felt so small, like no matter what I am, my world is so small and insignificant just like the bug I just killed.

To those who were controlling the triangle OMG wow. My thought now is how would I not only convince them that were not all the same. How to take interest in me just enough to be noticed. Then allow them to make their interest a positive one. Not the “Kill it it’s gross” kind of way a housewife treats a spider. Or the pin through the spine kind of way a collector of butterfly’s adds to his every growing colection.

I know how to call to them, but I feel it’s important to have a good reason to make the call. It’s “first contact” and it would be epic. If they are like us, it won’t end well for us. We destroy everything we set our sights on, so why wouldn’t they? I doubt they are impressed by what were doing to the place. I like to think that they have the gift of foresight like some of us here have. Maybe just MAY BE, if they do. If they do they can see the future of this planet without us. Because that’s where this path leads to, a earth without us.

All the small things because we are small things. In the real big picture were just like a bug on the windshield. Seeing that reminded me of that. Being humbled like that is important because knowing I’m small means I can only do small things. If I could get them to notice me, well that would be big maybe even epic. LOL

I Must Be on the Right Track

I must be doing something that God likes because the outcome is almost perfect. Today more people than ever dislike me, and that proves I’m in the exact right place at the exact right time. All the negative comments I receive makes me feel so good, that even I thought ” It can’t get any better. ” As usual, even in that I was wrong.

This last week has proved that it can get way better real fast. I’ve been hanging out with someone that clarified that for me. I thought I have a strange way of looking at most things, so understandably, I don’t meet a lot of folks that appreciate such a world view, much less agree with some of the core beliefs that make me the most interesting man in the world.

Seriously, I’m amazed by how even the world makes things. Karma is such a huge deal in real life, so that if no one knows what you did, the universe still does, so nobody gets away with anything. The good or bad things you have done influence the moments that follow. We all know what we have done, and for me, I’m being rewarded beyond what I feel I deserve.

The last week has been one of the best weeks of my life. When things workout like they did for me, I am so thankful that I was in the right place at exactly the right time. I might be reaching a bit, but I know my past led me to where I am now, so to every person I have ever interacted with in my entire life, thank you for helping me find a friend like I just did.

For the first time in a long time, I have a feeling that maybe just may be. Maybe the humans might be able to manage to stave off extinction. All it took to change my mind was to look into the eyes of a young boy, the way his eyes light up when he is loving his moments, very impressive. His mother is another reason for my new found faith in humans. Her carefree attitude is very refreshing, not the usual I hate the world I get from most people.

I’m happy to accept this gift the universe has given me because it a gift of understanding. Finding myself in a better place than I have been in a real long time, is better than good, it’s Kingshabing. This is a song that reminds me of how I feel about her, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper from Youtube.

We Could All Be Hero’s!

We all could be, but most wont even try. The humans are in big trouble and most people deny it. The PC party just voted by 54% not to recognize climate change. Expect CANADA to have a Liberal government until the end of our race. How could anyone not realize that we are completely destroying the planet.

I’m glad to be 59 years old and have managed to survive to this point. More than I can say for a lot of friends. Still for me to make it to the end of the keno board, 21 more years. 21 more years to make it to a party that’s been in the planning stages since 1981.

I realize that it’s going to be a lot harder to make it 10 more years than I could have ever imagined. By 2031 this planet is going to be one crazy place to be. I doubt there will be any polar ice caps left and the problems that causes, will be overwhelming.

Realizing that I could be helping out, I have been doing the whole church thing at the park. I’m sure that it’s given me the strength to overcome a few difficult patches I’ve encountered lately and for that “Thank You Jesus” .

Church Poster
Thanks Jesus

I know that we wont make the changes that we have to, in order to save the humans unless we get a lot more hero’s and a lot less blind zero’s. It’s up to each of us to be a hero and do what’s right. When presented with a chance to be hero will you take it or just toss another piece of plastic in the ocean? It’s not even funny, it’s tragic.

Vegan is the only way.

After looking deeply into the problems of our world, I asked myself how can I help. What can I do as a single person what could I do that would actually help the entire human race survive.

Should I be like Paul Watson the mind behind the Sea Sheppard Society, well of course I would like to be, but I’m not a hero like he is, not even close. His courage is amazing and he made a huge difference. He is a great man, but sadly I’m not.

What could I actually do to make a difference in this world? Having my own church might do it, but I doubt it would as people are just to self absorbed to know the truth about Jesus and his promise. I want to do something now that actually makes a difference.

So I’ve decided to become Vegan. It’s the only thing that makes sense. There ain’t such a thing as dolphin safe tuna, it’s a scam. Mass amounts of energy are required just to get a Royale with cheese onto a plate. The only way to live sustainably is to become a vegan.

That’s what I am now, well sort of. I choose to include eggs into my diet but no longer will consume any animal or fish protein. I hope almond milk tastes good because that’s what’s going into my Froot Loops from now on. No cheese either and thats a toughie cause I loved cheese.

The only way the human race survives is by all becoming vegan. If we don’t it’s all over for every single one of us. It is anyway, but if we don’t convert to becoming vegan, we become extinct. I know I’m just one guy who really doesn’t like people, so why should I care right?

I don’t know either, I just know that each person should be able to live out their lives in peace. If were not all becoming vegans, well that ain’t gonna happen. All lives will still continue but without any peace. Unless you view mass starvation as peaceful.

So for my part, I’M TOTALLY GOING VEGAN plus eggs cause the chicken that produces the eggs doesn’t die, she’s just a slave.

Eight Days A Week?


Today was an most interesting day for sure. Having to be @ Chilliwack Court House @ 9:30 was the target, and I just made it. Going through security at 9:28 totally ready to proceed with the trial, made me smile inside and it was great. Then I whipped up the stairs to the courts, first thing i see is it sitting in a chair. I checked in with the guard for my court room, and went back to the car.

I had to bring in my star witness because the trial was going forward. About 9:48 the court opened and looks like were up. The crown had already dropped their charge of assault and now only wanted me to admit certain facts. A one year peace bond imposed. No can do and I ready to head straight into trial. They call it to the stand and i couldn’t believe how much of a idiot he is. The crown uses 20 mins getting
the events of just one day nailed down, May 1st 2020. An encounter with Martin B. that I felt needed to take place. I went out of my yard and walked up to him and walked beside him but 6 feet apart.

Then I asked him if he thought just whipping out his unit was alright. I was aware of a incident that had occurred 24 hrs earlier involving MARTIN b. & a friend of mine WITNESS x. a former Tennent of MARTIN b s trailer, and MARTIN b. exposing his genitals and yelling crude comments at her as she drove by. At the time I thought call the police and my first thought was the right choice and I missed it.

Well not missed it but dismissed it. I thought a little talk with him might serve us better and the talk resulted in MARTIN b. calling the rcmp and me going to teach my student for the hour. Upon returning I drove by the RCMP curser parked at MARTIN b. trailer. As I rolled by, i stopped and said “I guess you want to talk to me, I’ll be parked beside my place and rolled away as MARTIN b. was screaming at me
accusing me of stuff. When constable TAYLOR came up to my car I was paying a game on the phone, silly me. TALOR told me that a serious accusation was in place about an assault of MARTIN b. earlier that afternoon.

I declined to provide a statement. Three days later TAYOR showed up with paperwork the charged me with assault, setting a date for first appearance and one to appear for prints. I made the prints and the first appearance right on time. I would then have to return 3 more times to end up with a FEB 19th trial date. I contacted the crown twice before the trial asking if this was worth the court time. After a 15 min morning break it was my turn to question MARTIN b. In his testimony he added the statement that I shoved him in order to stop him and make my statement. This was a added element to the original statement. I asked MARTIN b. if he just remembered now something that he missed when he gave a statement to TAYLOR. I even got him to say ” FUCK ” on the stand. Under the rules of I was only able to ask questions relating to the one two minuet conversation on May 1st 2020.

During my questioning of MARTIN b. I was able to raise his true personality to the surface. My questions about a shove that failed to make the original report of the incident were hard to answer but when I asked MARTIN b. if he was a “Homofobe” the judge quickly called for MARTIN b. to be removed from the court room. The judge then had a talk with me requiring the order the crown was seeking. All the crown needed to have to order sighed was a “likely hood that MARTIN b. was scared of me”. Not the “Beyond a Reasonable doubt” criminal standard. Its was 12:05 and lunch is 12:30 til TWO, so I said lets make a deal to the judge and we came up with
solution to our problem. No putting MARTIN b. to a firing squad was not the way we solved our problem.

A coed peace bond that spelled out it clear terms what was required. I could hear MARTIN b. bouncing away in the lobby before the crown came into the court to discuss details. The crown asked that a 10 meter zone was to be a no go zone for me, I said, STOP right there, that’s a no go. Then I explained that my dog Samuel is an bad dog that does whatever he wants sometimes, and will for sure get up to MARTIN b. s gate and T would be in a real bad spot tiring to defuse the situation. We agreed to a clause the aid that I was allowed unto MARTIN b. s gate if i was RETRIVING MY DOD. OR DRIVING MY CAR .

Then I gave the clerk my email and myself and my star witness went for lunch. Then to kill time before a later meeting we went to the Vedder River. We both had spent good time there in the past. It was great, as we recalled our personal experiences there. Then we drove through town to the Superstore to get supplies. We loaded up the car as much as we could and headed home. Arriving back in Boston Bar the sun set on a really good time, on a bad day. Below Eight Days A Week the BEATLES on Youtube.

No Sleep Til Brooklin reminds me of how much fortitude I have. Thank you YouTube , The Beastie Boys and Jesus.

The Best Video EVER!

Katy Perry

Welcome to the Party!

Just like I thought she would, she bailed. The difference this time was, because I cared very little, it was more funny than anything else. I knew she would, so I put zero effort into making her happy. I guess it showed through, because it took very little to set her off again. Of course it was my fault, it usually is, and I take full credit for her leaving.

In the middle of winter the last thing I need is an issue with anyone that would only cause discomfort and stress in a time where none is the preferred amount. Of course I made deals with her that will cost my a few bucks, but that’s on me because I know not to make deals with a short termer.

Where in the world do I give not only second, but third chances to someone who really didn’t deserve the first one. Now I don’t feel good or bad, I sort of feel sad for her, knowing a bit more about what she has to deal with daily. Unable to face the reality of her personal situation, she is forced to find comfort outside the home.

Welcome to the party and if she can’t see the forest for the trees who am I to say look hard retard? It’s not my job to point out the obvious but if someone can’t see it, they can’t see it. My mom used to say “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make ’em drink” and that is so true. Most people are not happy, but their not unhappy enough to do anything about it. That would be a tough place to be in for sure. Unable to jump of the ship that is slowly sinking knowing that in time, it will go down to the bottom.

There, now I feel better and not even a little bit guilty for putting in very little effort in round three of our attempted relationship. The future looks to bright for me to have anyone try to impose their will on me just wastes everyone’s time, because I don’t listen very well. If I want advice on how I should do things, I would ask. Having someone else’s option just tossed in my face on everything that comes up is a little uncomfortable and annoying.

Thanks YouTube for this video, from the Deadpool 2 movie, Welcome to the Party. With Spring on the horizon and a new stereo for my car, I have to say I really do love my life. Jesus makes my life not only work but work really really well. So I’m glad things worked out the way they did, because I didn’t want to settle for second best. I know that if I picked a single tree to look at, I wouldn’t be able to see the forest. My life is way to important to be taken seriously. Living in the now and enjoying each moment as it happens is my focus. It’s not happy people that are thankful, it’s thankful people that are happy.