I’m Back in Black

After my Lawyer told me to quit writing my life story on the internet I did. She told me not to give away what people would pay for. That’s why I have been keeping a daily record of my thoughts and actions to be published at a l8er date. I’m not holding my breath or anything, however I did receive an advance payment, so that’s always a good sign.

Wowzers what a crazy world we are living in now. So much closer to the edge than ever before. Nuclear bombs that no one thought would ever be used are being prepared for launch. The planet had been tossed off it’s usual axis because of the weight of the water held behind the three gorges dam in China. I’m not sure those people thought it out when building such a huge dam and holding back enough water to change our path around the sun. What were they thinking?

Since I have enough material save I can now look ahead and get back to my court cases. Its Baby one more time, Britney Spears ONE MORE


Thanks Youtube

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