Like An Old Man

Like an old man is how I feel this morning. Like an rested old man who woke up with a dog instead of a girl. When I woke up I slid my hand across to, what I expected to be my partner, and I thought ” What ta heak is going on here? ” as rubbed what I thought was the person next to me.

Once I realized that it was not a person, it was in fact, Starvin Marvin, my dog. How in the heak did she get into the room when I clearly closed the baby gate before I went to bed. Then I realized what happened, the person that was supposed to be there, had written a note and left. How embarrassing for me and her. I had made a promise the night before, and I would have kept it, if they would have been willing to try things my way.

What was I thinking in the first place? No one wants to try things my way, not even one. I guess I’m stuck in my ways like an old man. Maybe, I was hoping for more than I should have this morning. I woke up with the wrong star and feeling great, well rested and looking forward to church and the week ahead. I am alright with being a old man, as it was one of my goals to become one, but now that the hard choices have made themselves, my role is a lot easier.

My role will now be focused on becoming a really old man and, for me that’s twenty two years, so I got a few years to go. One thing I am not going to do is, give my thoughts and feeling to those who believe that this life is all about them. These are petty people and I have no time for them.

My question is, how can I move forward when I get so much resistance from behind. The truth is, I can’t, and that leaves me stuck where I am or move forward alone. I will think about it, ok thought about it, and even though, I don’t want to be alone, for now I have to be. I cant waste anymore time on the unbelievers who, are unwilling to even look at the other side of anything.

I’m just an old man trying to become an even older man, and you know what, I love where I am and where I’m going. I’ll find someone some day who shares my outlook and my passion for what I’m doing. I just haven’t found her yet. Nobody understands an old man like me, except Neil Young on Youtube

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