Vegan is the only way.

After looking deeply into the problems of our world, I asked myself how can I help. What can I do as a single person what could I do that would actually help the entire human race survive.

Should I be like Paul Watson the mind behind the Sea Sheppard Society, well of course I would like to be, but I’m not a hero like he is, not even close. His courage is amazing and he made a huge difference. He is a great man, but sadly I’m not.

What could I actually do to make a difference in this world? Having my own church might do it, but I doubt it would as people are just to self absorbed to know the truth about Jesus and his promise. I want to do something now that actually makes a difference.

So I’ve decided to become Vegan. It’s the only thing that makes sense. There ain’t such a thing as dolphin safe tuna, it’s a scam. Mass amounts of energy are required just to get a Royale with cheese onto a plate. The only way to live sustainably is to become a vegan.

That’s what I am now, well sort of. I choose to include eggs into my diet but no longer will consume any animal or fish protein. I hope almond milk tastes good because that’s what’s going into my Froot Loops from now on. No cheese either and thats a toughie cause I loved cheese.

The only way the human race survives is by all becoming vegan. If we don’t it’s all over for every single one of us. It is anyway, but if we don’t convert to becoming vegan, we become extinct. I know I’m just one guy who really doesn’t like people, so why should I care right?

I don’t know either, I just know that each person should be able to live out their lives in peace. If were not all becoming vegans, well that ain’t gonna happen. All lives will still continue but without any peace. Unless you view mass starvation as peaceful.

So for my part, I’M TOTALLY GOING VEGAN plus eggs cause the chicken that produces the eggs doesn’t die, she’s just a slave.

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