Kingshabing Quit Smokingm Program

Nicotine is the HOOK

Lose the HOOK and there is nothing to hold you. Get yourself UNHOOKED!


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  • Ive Been Testing for Years

    Every kind of Nicotine Free Cigarettes I could find I would buy.

    Just so that I could find one that was Not 100% total SHIT.

  • I found It Big TIME!

    From a company in China I found Nicotine free cigarette's that if you smoke em for one month.

    You will suceed in your quest to quit smoking. LOSE THE NICOTINE

  • The $75 a carton price is only half the price of regular smokes.

    Dont Quit Smoking QUIT NICOTINE thats TRICK!

    Without the infulince of that monster in your life, everythings different

  • For a Smoker NICOTINE had a role to play.

    Nicotine is like a gangster in your brain, all chices go through him.

    Willpower alone is not enough to defeat Nicotine, you gotta have a plan.